Grenadier Monster Manuscript Vol III: Efreeti

Part of the Seesholtz collection, this is an Efreet (incorrectly called “Efreeti,” which is plural of Efreet.)

Since Efreeti are much larger than humans, I put him on a large base. I used Vallejo White Stone paste to try to texture the base. I discovered, by accident, that using a small putty knife, I could make a spikey texture that would look like flame. So I ran with that. I think maybe I painted the pool of flame incorrectly though; I made the flame tips bright and the pool dark. I think flame is brighter closer to the fuel source, and gets darker and smokier farther away. Oh well.

I’m also a little frustrated with the OSL (Object Source Lighting), which I don’t think I pulled off very well.

Reaper 03585: Oxidation Beast (Rust Monster)

This is Reaper’s take on the Rust Monster, except they had to call it “Oxidation Beast” due to copyright on Rust Monster. I’m pretty fond of this little bug. He’s the bane of metal armor-wearers everywhere. My good friend over at Swords and Dorkery gave me a few of Citadel’s contrast paints to tinker with, and this guy is done almost completely with those. I think it turned out well.

Grenadier Wraith

Another undead from the Grenadier Monsters box set.  This guy is the only undead of the set that doesn’t have the right-hand-raised feature.

I cut off the original broccoli base and put him hovering over a marble-like floor.  He’s supposed to be glowing from inside his hood and sleeves.  I think I should have pushed the glowing effect a little more, as in these photos it comes of too dim.