Grenadier: Hirelings (part 1)

These are the first 4 minis from the Grenadier’s Hirelings box set. There are 9 minis in the set, but one of them is a sculpt of two people carrying a large chest, so I guess that’s why they felt they could get away with only 9 minis instead of the usual 10 in the box. These are the unsung heroes of any D&D game; the poor suckers that get hired by adventurers to carry their loot and look after their horses for a pittance of coins and a healthy dose of certain death. I imagine that the weapons and armor they have are mostly junk that they picked up from monsters that the adventurers slew.

The first is the “Pack Bearer,” and is the first mini I’ve painted with a definite “African American” skintone.

The second is labeled “/W Coin Chest” on the box set insert.

The third is labeled “W/ Jewel Box” on the box set insert.

The fourth is labeled “Spiking” on the box set insert.

Grenadier Vampire

Another of the right-hand-raised undead from the Monsters box set.  White, black, and red are probably the hardest colors to paint well.  The shading is so sensitive; white is had to avoid making muddy, black is hard to make not look gray, and red is hard not to make orange or pink.  So this guy took some work, and obviously I still need practice.

Grenadier Lich

Nearly done with the undead from the Grenadier Monsters box set.  Right hand raised?  Check.

It took three tries to get this guy done.  I originally had him black but didn’t like it so stripped him back down and tried red.  I didn’t like that, either, so I stripped him down again.  Then, my friend Mike over at Swords and Dorkery, painted this mini in purple, which looked great, so I did likewise.  Hopefully Mike will remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Grenadier Wraith

Another undead from the Grenadier Monsters box set.  This guy is the only undead of the set that doesn’t have the right-hand-raised feature.

I cut off the original broccoli base and put him hovering over a marble-like floor.  He’s supposed to be glowing from inside his hood and sleeves.  I think I should have pushed the glowing effect a little more, as in these photos it comes of too dim.