03298: Spirits

This pair of Spirits from Reaper were very difficult, and in the end I could not pull off the effect I was after.  I wanted to make them look like they were glowing from within.  So, I base coated them with purple, and then tried dry-brushing successively darker layers over top.  Several attempts at that were all bad.  In the end, I resorted to airbrushing, trying to achieve an interesting fade of color from purple to green.  After highlighting that, I wanted to create an effect where the front of the spirits were highlighted by the approaching adventures torches and lanterns, so I used an airbrush to spray down from the front.  I don’t have much experience with an airbrush, though, so it was a disaster.  The airbrush started spitting, so the “torchlight” is extremely grainy, not silky-smooth like it should be to look like it’s lit by a light source.  So, for multiple reasons, I’m disappointed in how these turned out…

Spirit #1:

Spirit #2: