Games Workshop: Sword 11

This was one of my favorites.  I did not like the snake motif way back then, so I cut the snake off his helm and painted him all black with some silver trim.  This time around, I recreated the snake with a paperclip and Testor’s Contour Putty to re-sculpt it. I used hot glue to make flames on the sword.  The shield is stuck to his fist by a round knob on his hand and circular hole in the shield.  I incorporated that hole by painting an eye motif on the shield.

Grenadier: Wizard

From The Grenadier Wizards box set. This guy has an imp on his shoulder.  In Advanced D&D, which was current when these minis came out, a Wizard could have one of 4 special familiar types: imp, quasit, pseudo-dragon, and brownie.

I sand blasted this and other wizards from the set in 1996 to repaint them.  Never got around to repainting it until now.  But because of the sandblasting, much of the detail here is painted rather than molded. 

Rough Terrain

A craft store was going out of business near me, and I picked up several SceneORama kits for $1 each.  One of the kits was this plaster rock making kit.  I molded the rocks, then glued them to balsa wood squares and rectangles.  I used the included paints to put several earth tone washes on them, then used watered down PVA glue to coat the bases with fine talus.  When the water soaked into the wood, it caused them to warp.  They flattened out, mostly, but I definitely should not have used balsa.  Last, I added coarser talus (included in kit), more washing (and more wood curling), and vegetation.

I have often considered using something in my D&D games to show areas where characters cannot go due to rough terrain and other obstacles.  So that’s what I’ll use these for…someday.

Grenadier: Wererat Leader

Another from the Monsters box set, this wererat leader has two little rat friends to keep him company. This guy is almost all rat, but with conspicuously human arms. And he wears armor. This is also a case of a creature carrying two weapons and seeming to prefer using the worse one. The sword is not the one that came with the mini. That was lost long ago. My friend Mike (from Swords and Dorkery) came to the rescue and provided me a leftover sword from one of his massive boxes of pieces/parts.

Mantic Games’ Kings of War: Elf King with Spear and Undead Necromancer

One of the local game stores was dumping all of their minis for this game, so I picked up a few cheap. The necromancer came with 2 heads and 2 left arms. I chose the undead head and arm. The others are “living” versions.  I like this guy’s tattered robes. They were either tailored this way, or he’s been though a blender.

When I painted the elf king’s shield, I thought it would tilt the other way when it was attached to his arm. So unfortunately the shading has the reflections and shadow opposite where they should be, which looks a little odd. But, of course, I wasn’t about to redo it, so…  His armor is pretty fancy, and I like that there isn’t actually any eye-slit in the helm. He must be a Jedi.