02972: Ishara Snowfinch, Druid

I love this sculpt from Reaper.  This paint job went great, right up to the very end, when disaster struck.  When I finished painting, I sprayed the model with matte sealant from a rattle can.  Something about the heat and/or humidity made the sealant droplets bead up like dust before hitting the miniature.  This caused the mini to be coated with tiny yellow-brown particles instead of a smooth coating.  This “dusty” quality of the sealant seriously dulled the colors on the mini.  The blacks are no long rich, the browns aren’t vibrant, the metal looks yellowed.  I was so happy with how her hair, in particular, turned out.  It was shimmery, but that too is now dulled.  I will not use Armory rattle can sealant ever again.