Grenadier: Wizard

From The Grenadier Wizards box set. This guy has an imp on his shoulder.  In Advanced D&D, which was current when these minis came out, a Wizard could have one of 4 special familiar types: imp, quasit, pseudo-dragon, and brownie.

I sand blasted this and other wizards from the set in 1996 to repaint them.  Never got around to repainting it until now.  But because of the sandblasting, much of the detail here is painted rather than molded. 

07262: Tuilin, Female Elf

Here is Tuilin, from Reaper. My wife, daughter, and some folks on Facebook all chimed in on the color scheme. I started with the white dress and then started asking opinions about what to do with the trim, staff, gemstones, and the rest of the fiddly bits.  My daughter specifically requested that yellow flowers be in the grass.  Who am I to disappoint a 5-year old?

This is my biggest attempt at painting white clothing, which is difficult to pull off without it reading as gray, blue, or dirty. Also, this is my first attempt at black hair, which I’m happier with than the dress. The key is making the highlights tight enough to avoid making the hair read as gray, white, blue, or just splotchy.  The blending of the shades in the dress folds is not as smooth as I’d like it.  I didn’t have the patience to keep blending and blending.