Grenadier: Druid with Dart

This is the Druid with Dart from the Grenadier Wizards Box Set 2001.

The dart that was originally in this guy’s hand was a tiny little limp carrot-looking thing. I debated a long time whether to leave it as original or upgrade it. In the end, I couldn’t stand that silly little droopy thing, so I cut it off, drilled out the hand, and fashioned a new dart with a paper clip segment.

I also couldn’t make out what was supposed to be on the end of his staff. Was it a puff of smoke? An abstract carving? Fire? A creature sitting there? I went with a creature. Druids can get animal companions, and this looks like it could be some little lizard companion. It’s a pretty talented lizard to perch like that on the end of a staff while the staff-holder is jerking it around while throwing darts. It must have a very high dexterity score.

I couldn’t decide what colors to paint this. So I asked by 7-year-old for help. The color scheme is all her’s.