77183: Frost Wyrm

This is the Reaper’s version of the D&D Remorhaz.  The creature dwells in cold climates, hence the snow base.  The back of the creatures gets furnace-hot when it is agitated.  I sculpted a pair of eggs out of Green Stuff that mommy is protectively coiled around.

In our Against the Giants campaign, when the characters found this creature at the bottom of the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, they purposely woke it and then ran away.  The remorhaz crawled out of its lair, stretched it out across the chasm floor, tucked in its legs, and steamrolled down the length of the rift, flattening and frying about a dozen winter wolves, ogres, and giants.  Good times.

77016: Rats

This set of small rats from Reaper was painted for a D&D introduction for my niece and nephew.  The “Bones” plastic that these are cast with rounds out detail, so I’m sure the originals had more detail depth in the fur that didn’t come out in the final minis.  That’s typical of Reaper’s “Bones” figures.  These also suffered from the Armory matte sealant, so the final colors were dulled by the final spray.

Oxen and Wagon

This is a friend’s mini that I offered to paint for him.  I don’t know what company made it.  Perhaps he’ll comment on that…    We’ve been playing a Boot Hill game for the past year or so, so we need lots of cowboys, indians, and other pioneer types.  It’s not exactly a high-quality sculpt or casting, but it looks very nice on the table.  If you look too long you realize that the oxen are way too small compared to the size of the wagon.  Regardless, it was fun to paint and looks great on the gaming table.

02972: Ishara Snowfinch, Druid

I love this sculpt from Reaper.  This paint job went great, right up to the very end, when disaster struck.  When I finished painting, I sprayed the model with matte sealant from a rattle can.  Something about the heat and/or humidity made the sealant droplets bead up like dust before hitting the miniature.  This caused the mini to be coated with tiny yellow-brown particles instead of a smooth coating.  This “dusty” quality of the sealant seriously dulled the colors on the mini.  The blacks are no long rich, the browns aren’t vibrant, the metal looks yellowed.  I was so happy with how her hair, in particular, turned out.  It was shimmery, but that too is now dulled.  I will not use Armory rattle can sealant ever again.

03298: Spirits

This pair of Spirits from Reaper were very difficult, and in the end I could not pull off the effect I was after.  I wanted to make them look like they were glowing from within.  So, I base coated them with purple, and then tried dry-brushing successively darker layers over top.  Several attempts at that were all bad.  In the end, I resorted to airbrushing, trying to achieve an interesting fade of color from purple to green.  After highlighting that, I wanted to create an effect where the front of the spirits were highlighted by the approaching adventures torches and lanterns, so I used an airbrush to spray down from the front.  I don’t have much experience with an airbrush, though, so it was a disaster.  The airbrush started spitting, so the “torchlight” is extremely grainy, not silky-smooth like it should be to look like it’s lit by a light source.  So, for multiple reasons, I’m disappointed in how these turned out…

Spirit #1:

Spirit #2:


This Gargoyle is from the Ennis Collection, and more specifically from the Grenadier Monsters 5002 box set.  My concept was that this gargoyle was sitting atop a castle or cathedral for hundreds of years.  The structure eventually crumbled and fell, and now the gargoyle roams the ruins, still protective even though there is nothing left to protect.  Over the ages, he has become covered with moss and lichen.

Harley Quinn, Classic Costume

This is Harley Quinn from the Batman Miniatures Game.  I made this as a Christmas present for a friend.  I didn’t want the mini to be easily knocked over, since it’s strictly for display purposes, so I wanted a really heavy base.  I got a solid chunk of granite from a counter-top manufacturer.  The mini has a flaw; one of the white tails from her cap did not mold well, so I had to paint it on.  You cannot see it in this photo, and few people will ever look at it up close enough to notice, but I know it’s there, and it bugs me.