Dungeon Tiles

I used this video by DungeonCraft to make these tiles. The tiles I used are a bit thicker than what he uses, but that’s what was available. It’s not a bad thing if they’re a bit heavier and harder to accidentally knock around and disrupt once they’re laid out on the table.

I used this video, also by DungeonCraft, to make the arches. I didn’t paint the bases to match the floors like Professor Dungeonmaster typically does.

If I make more of them, I’ll skip the first coat of black paint mixed with ModgePodge. Instead, I’ll skip straight to the tan and mix that with the ModgePodge, and then continue on. The black is an unnecessary step since you’re going to blanket the entire thing with the tan anyway.

For the 5′ wide stairs, I kept he stairs at roughly 45 degree incline, but sized the steps for a 1″ base mini. The problem is that they are too lightweight, not having a heavy tile base. So I worry that minis on the top step will cause the stairs to easily fall over, dumping the minis. Party foul.

For the 10′ wide stairs, I made each level 1 layer of foam board so that a 2″ base mini could stand on them without falling over.